2 Pair

2013-12-17By wp_edacu8Art

Everything looks good with new shoes on. It’s a match for the sweaters. Looks like this is evolving into a fashion comment. As well as keeping true to my current imaging and web based aesthetic. Note the stripes in the post below. The blue one makes me think of Elvis, hound dogs and Phoenix, AZ. … Read More

Matching Sweaters

2013-12-16By wp_edacu8Art

Who cares what the landscape looks like, like my sweater instead, it matches my BFF’s! jf-woodruff.com  

This Jungle is Average

2013-12-03By wp_edacu8Art, Photography

Three panels @30×40″ for a total di-mension of  40×90″.  I think they look pretty cool as individual panels too.  The middle one being my favorite.  Although, now that I look at it, I like them all.

2 Pictures for American Polar Bears

2013-12-02By wp_edacu8Art

This is 2 panels from the same series.  Panels are 30×20″.  Side by side like this they look pretty good and would measure 20×60″.  American Polar Bears are the best. jf-woodruff.com